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AO-209(DC Iron)

Product name:-Dry Iron
Model Number:-AO-209
Brand Name:-amor
Soleplates Material:-Aluminum
Cord Length (m):-2mt
Power (W):-300w
Voltage (V):-24 DC
Max. current:12.5A
Material:ABS body and aluminum baseplate
Home Appliance:Laundry Appliance Steam Press Iron
Style:Dry Iron-Temperature Adjustable
Gift Box:- 234X112X124 mm
Wieght:- 1.9Kg

Before fist use
Remove any sticker or protective foil from the soleplate and clean the soleplate with a soft cloth.
Preparing for use
1. Classify the clothes according to the labels attached before use, speed of the iron-heating is quicker than its cooling, so beginning iron the clothes which requires a lower ironing temperature fist ( synthetic fiber and silk), and then iron the clothes of other materials requiring for higher temperature in proper order (woolen, cotton and linen etc. )

2. Press the tank button, take out the tank inside, and fill the sink with an appropriate amount of water, restore to the original state.

3. Place the iron vertically and set the temperature dial at MIN.

4. Insert the plug into the socket, turn the temperature dial to the point required for the clothes material and aim art the material identify mark on the heating indicator.

5. When you want to wet the clothes, press the spray button, than the water droplet will gush out from the spray hole.

6. Turn the temperature dial to the position you require according to the following markings.
Product description

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